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When an in-development game like Beyond Good & Evil 2 goes quiet, even for just a few months, any word that it's still alive is comforting. Especially when we get status updates like the one game designer Michel Ancel provided.


According to a report from Eurogamer, Ancel says the sequel to the critically acclaimed Beyond Good & Evil is still plugging along, albeit at a "small team" in order "to preserve creativity and so the game doesn't become a commercial product, so that is has soul." Lovely!


Ancel said that the Ubisoft Montpellier team slaving away on BG&E2 is using some of the same tech that's being employed to build the new Rayman game, software that helps to "preserve an artistic spirit." Well that's good news, isn't it? It's all sunshine and rainbows from here on in! Nothing could possibly go wrong.


Ancel using small team to make BG&E2 [Eurogamer]

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