Beyonce Shills For Rhythm Heaven, Loves Guitar Hero

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Nintendo's latest spokesceleb? Beyonce! She's hopefully going to sell millions of copies of the extremely bootylicious Rhythm Heaven when it comes stateside by kicking back with her Nintendo DSi and having fun on-screen.


Beyonce's celebrity endorsement of the Nintendo DS certainly isn't the first. She joins other professional famous people like Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler and Patrick Stewart in convincing non-gamers that they too should upgrade to the camera-equipped DSi.


Ms. Knowles tells Entertainment Weekly that she's an old-school Nintendo fan, raised on Super Mario Bros. and the NES. Beyonce even claims to have a non-contractual interest in video games, with tastes ranging from Guitar Hero on the Wii to Brickbreaker on the Blackberry to the Shin Megami Tensei series. Yes, I did make that last one up.

Learn more handy Beyonce facts at EW, then impress your friends with useless trivia about celebrities!

Beyonce talks 'Rhythm Heaven,' 'Guitar Hero,' and more: An exclusive Q&A about music and videogames [EW - thanks, Jason!]

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Still waiting for the celeb who ACTUALLY likes the Shin Megami Tensei series (or some other niche japanese title)