To: Ashcraft
From: Brian Totilo Crecente
Re: Welcome Back!

Why, hello there, fellow Brian. Man, my flight from Germany was eventful, but I am so glad that we had Totilo working at Kotaku last week. Golly, he sure wrote some great posts about David Hasselhoff and Playboy magazines. You'd think that's what we hired him to do.


How was my flight? Well, let me tell you. I spent the entire trip trying to count how many dollars I could budget to send a free ice cream sundae to Totilo every Thursday. Not just this Thursday. But every Thursday. He deserves it.

(Imagine if I had instead spent my flight pre-writing stories for Monday so I could take the day off. No! Sunday is for sundae-planning, I always say!)

Fellow Brian, I once read that you can defeat jet lag by shining a light behind your knee. Either I read about it in 1998 or Stephen Totilo did.


One thing, though, fellow Brian, is that we can't let Totilo write the Day Note. He might think he's one of us, a Brian. We know he's not, and he could never be.

Do you think, by the way, that Brian is too common a name? And maybe not as good a name as Stephen?

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