Better Days To Die Coming To Star Trek Online

For Klingons, every day is a good day to die, but you might want to wait until Cryptic slips the new Klingon player-versus-enemy content into Star Trek Online, as seem in part two of the Expanding Universe video series.

The Klingons need more distractions in Star Trek Online. This is readily evident to any Federation player finding themselves facing up against a season Klingon team in player-versus-player combat. While the Federation is busy exploring strange new worlds, the Klingons are busy figuring out more efficient ways to beat the pants off of them in the battle arenas.

As a Federation player, I welcome the distraction that will come with the introduction of new, non-PVP gameplay on behalf of Klingon players everywhere.


I've included part one of the Expanding Universe below, for those of you who might have missed out. In it you'll find new playable Federation races and a giant Q hanging in the air.

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Q as in the character or just a giant Q?