Illustration for article titled Bethesda Nervous About Fallout 3 Review (Whats YOUR Opinion?)

Fallout 3 is out. People seem to like it. The game press is giving the game good reviews so far, but developer Bethesda Softworks divulges it does get nervous about what reviewers think. Says Bethesda's Pete Hines, "We're never really sure how these [reviews] will turn out. So in general, we're always nervous/anxious." Hines goes on to say that it's not just the critics who matter, but also the opinions of those gamers who are purchasing the game with their own hard earned cash. So regular gamer people who have bought Fallout 3, put on your critic cap and feel free to let all know what you think. Bethesda: We're "Always Nervous" About Reviews [EDGE]


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