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Click to viewDeveloper Bethesda has made changes to the Japanese Fallout 3. The side-quest The Power of the Atom has been changed. Non-playable-character Mr. Burke has been taken out of this side-quest, removing the option of detonating the nuclear bomb. That's not all, the name of a weapon was changed as it was deemed "inappropriate" for Japan. Smart money says the weapon is mini-nuke launcher "Fat Man" for obvious reasons. The online reaction from the Japanese users seems to be largely disappointment to these edits. Fallout 3 goes on sale in Japan this December. 12月4日発売予定のXbox 360用ソフト「Fallout 3」日本語版と北米版(オリジナル)の表現および内容の違いについて [Bethesda Thanks, muu!]


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