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Bet On Virtual Matchups of Starcade's Roster of Champions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The company behind the original video game competition, 1982's Starcade, has launched a site that packages clips from the old game show into a format that lets you "play" Starcade online.

I use airquotes because, on you're not playing the games themselves in a competition, you're betting on the outcome, with a virtual prize awarded to you. You'll choose the contestant pairing, then pick the one you think got the highest score. The clips of both performances will play out alongside each other.

As a vehicle to show you some cool old clips of the original pro gaming show, not to mention some turn-back-the-clock prizes (I won a wireless joystick and a tabletop Pac-Man), it's an OK time-killer. You will have to create a free profile and register with the site though. The site looks like it was designed around 1982 though, so I hope you like Comic Sans and star field backgrounds.


The rest of the site has some nostalgic content. For example, while Luke told us a little while back that Alex Trebek hosted one of Starcade's two pilots, I had no ide that the other pilot host was Mike Eruzione, of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team.


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