Best Dragonborn Statue? Best Dragonborn Statue.

Look at the detail on that thing. I can already see it fus ro dah-ing me from across the room.

This absolutely magnificent statue of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's dragon-slaying protagonist (which, as some observant readers might notice, is the same one Gaming Heads made available for pre-order back in March) was recently put up for sale by purveyor of all things humorous and geeky, ThinkGeek, at a price of $299. That's quite the price tag, you might think. But if you're into Skyrim and collectible figures, it's totally worth it. Here's what you get for the price:

  • Collectible Skyrim Dragonborn statue
  • 1/6 scale
  • Dressed in detailed and authentic hand-tailored fabrics
  • High-quality statue for display and collection
  • Edition size: 1000
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity
  • Materials: Poly-stone, hand-painted
  • Dimensions: 16" tall

I presume the certificate contains written proof of how incredibly badass this statue is. Here's a few photos for you to marvel at:


Skyrim Dragonborn Statue [ThinkGeek]

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