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Best Buy Launching Its Own Video Game Mag

Illustration for article titled Best Buy Launching Its Own Video Game Mag

Retailer Best Buy may have had limited success aping competitor GameStop's lucrative (for now) used games business, but it's taking another cue from the video game giant—it's launching its own video game print magazine.


@Gamer is Best Buy and Future US Publishing's new game mag, which was discovered by Kyle Orland at the Game Beat. The existence of @Gamer was outed by one of its new employees, video game media vet Andy Eddy, formerly of TeamXbox and IGN, who describes the print pub as the "official games magazine of Best Buy."


The new games magazine is slated to launch in June. Whether Best Buy's @Gamer will be a competitor for GameStop's Game Informer we'll know soon enough.

Best Buy to launch game magazine: @Gamer coming in late June [The Game Beat]

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