In Prototype 2 Sgt. James Heller is infected with a mutagen that gives him access to an amazing variety of super powers. One would think Best Buy and Radical Entertainment could come up with a preorder incentive more compelling that vehicle armor.

But no, placing five dollars down at Best Buy gets you Sgt. James Heller's Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor, a special power that somehow makes military vehicles Heller enters tougher than normal military vehicles. Why? I don't know. Maybe he extends some sort of carapace over the vehicle, or his tendrils are inside rapidly repairing any damage that might be done to it.


Or Best Buy needed a preorder incentive and this was all they could come up with. Makes for an exciting video, doesn't it? And all GameStop got was the ability to kick enemies in the ass. I am driving to Best Buy right now.

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