Prototype 2’s GameStop Pre-Order Exclusive Has Enemies Bending Over For You to Kick Their Asses

Everyone hates pre-order exclusives. Yes, everyone. I've never heard a person say "I'm so glad I plunked down $5 before Game X came out, so I could get Different Colored Gun and/or Different Ability That Really Doesn't Change the Experience That Much."


One of the realities of this kind of thing is that retailers drive it. With the promise of increased shelf space and promotion or the threat that they may not carry a game at all, they can muscle dev studios and publishers into creating incentives that might entice buyers to pick, say, Best Buy or GameStop.

That brings us to this Prototype 2 pre-order exclusive. You can inject the soldiers hunting Sgt. James Heller with the game's lethal Blacklight virus and weaponize their infected bodies to cause more open-world mayhem. The clip makes the Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker ability look operatic and impressive but the thing that strikes me is that it's essentially a custom animiation that makes your antagonists present their asses to you over and over again. Brilliant meta-commentary on developer/publisher/retailer relationships or average dose of slapstick humor? You be the judge.



This is probably the dumbest preorder exclusive DLC I've ever seen, but Prototype was a pretty dumb game itself so I guess they had to find a way to make sure the sequel follows suit.

Preorder exclusive DLC is always, always a bullshit move. The only time it's okay is if it's eventually given to EVERYONE for FREE, no bullshit extra cost allowed.