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Bernie Madoff, The Cell Phone Game

Illustration for article titled Bernie Madoff, The Cell Phone Game

Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernie Madoff is in jail for pulling off the biggest financial swindle ever. Nothing says white collar crime like a cell phone game.


Dubbed Made Off, the game uses "cellupoints" in lieu of real money. Players can be a savvy investor or sleazy fund manager out to con as many and as much as possible before the government gets wise. "When your fund goes broke, you go, Holy crap, I didn't invite enough people,'" says the developer.

Ponzi schemes use capital from investors to pay back mature investors, creating the phony appreciate of legitimate stock returns. The developer says the game does not poke fun at the victims and sees it as more of an educational tool. Ponzi scheme practice for everyone!


Try Bernie Madoff mobile scam for free [PocketGamer] [Pic]

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Smug Anime Face

See what happens when Government doesn't get involved? Ponzi schemes, worker/consumer exploitation, oppression etc.

"What's good for business is good for the country"? More like is only good for the cunts doing it(*cough* Pharmaceutical Companies *cough*).

As bullshit as many of these sound, I'd do terrible things to myself to show just how much this is the truth.