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Below is finally out and it is not screwing around! Me and Paul are streaming it now on Twitch. Come and join chat for a chill time.


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I played Below quite a bit this weekend, and I gotta say I am impressed. It’s gotten its hooks in me. Couple thoughts:

-It definitely does not hold your hand, like at all. But I would say everything that it presents makes sense in a very logical way. Like if you just take it slow and really pay attention, it really does tell you things (in a subtle way)

- I am still sort of figuring out the flow the lantern. It has some sort of dark souls type getting souls back from dead body mechanic. I’m not quite sure how it works yet though, if I die I go back and get it. But if I die while on my retreival run, does it go somewhere else or back to that body?

-Finding “the pocket” helps a ton. I also like the way it handles the fires and the whole turning a fire blue with those shards so you can skip to that fire on death.

All in all really liking the game. It’s interesting too because a lot of the initial user reviews are really negative. I can see how it might immediately turn off some people, but man once you start to get your head around it, it’s pretty neat imo. I’m on world 5 now and it is definitely ramping up.