Beloved PC Game Gets Surprise Comic DLC

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To The Moon was a story-based Steam game that made everyone cry. Years after its release, it just got surprise DLC... in the form of a comic.

The comic takes place after To The Moon’s conclusion. It’s not a full sequel or anything like that, though. Consider it more of a cute follow-up. Here’s the Steam description:

To the Moon, too! is a short comic following the Platypus (Platplat) & Paper Rabbit as they attempt to reunite with Johnny & River after they parted at the end of To the Moon.”


It costs $0.99, and it’ll also grant you access to some music and art. Alternatively, you can read the comic for free on To The Moon’s website—sans the other stuff.

Typically, games get DLC in the form of more game content, but this isn’t the first time a Steam developer’s decided to take artistic liberties with the format. You might remember Cross of the Dutchman’s papercraft DLC, for example. What’s next? A building game that comes with a coupon for a hammer and a sack of nails? A sketchy dating sim with DLC discretely titled “DID YOU KNOW THAT PORN EXISTS”? The sky’s the limit.

This whole thing does leave To The Moon in a curious spot, though. Once upon a time, creator Kan Gao suggested that To The Moon episode two would be along shortly after spin-off A Bird Story—which itself was supposed to swoop in right after episode one. Instead, it’s been four years since To The Moon came out, and we still haven’t seen much of episode two. I got in touch with Gao to ask why everything’s taking so long. Here’s what he told me:

“I admit it has been going more slowly than I’d hoped for with no excuse other than personal reasons, but I have also released two holiday specials for the past couple of years as well as A Bird Story,” he said. “I am now focusing on getting Finding Paradise out hopefully next year, hence putting holiday specials on hold this Winter.”


That’s also part of the reason this DLC ended up taking the form of a comic, not another game. Gao explained:

“It was in comic form instead of game form because I wanted to focus my game-making time on the actual next episode of the series,” he said. “This way, I only need to develop the storyboard, which was relatively light to do, and I hired an artist, Sarah, to bring it to life. Plus, I felt like the story itself had a lighthearted and adorable tone to it, that it fit well with a short strip-comic format.”


So there you go. Comic now, sequel (hopefully) soon.

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Tl;dr: I own but never played To The Moon because I hypocritically can’t take RPGMaker seriously.

I first downloaded RPG Maker 2000, that Russian gentleman’s unofficial (probably unsanctioned what with how free of charge it was) release back in the eighth or ninth grade; RM2k we called it! And I had a TON of fun making games that never got finished. I experimented with creating a side-ways battle system in RM2k’s first person battle engine, based of course on others’ pioneering efforts, but the sum of my experience really gave me a better understanding of variables, which helped me in 9th grade algebra. I even had a crude “materia” style system and…well, anyway.

I got RMVXAce on Steam during a Christmas sale…’13 maybe. I liked it, but I wasn’t entirely sold. Then not long after, a different RPG Maker finally became officially available in the US…was it XP? Couldn’t have been 2003 could it? I think 2003 sucked. Point is, despite picking up yet another one, the new (yet old) and best one (was it XP or 2k3 or what!?) although I love 16 bit RPGs and think RPG Maker is actually a very powerful tool, I never had much interest in playing the games people made with it.

Back in my RM2k days, I found too many unofficial sequel games, or games with amazingly dedicated OC but miserable fan fiction quality dialog, or whatever glaring flaw…so I certainly didn’t take them serious over a decade ago. And I think my copy of To The Moon MAY have come bundled with RMVXAce...In fact, maybe I didn’t get it on a steam sale. It may have been a Humble Bundle. Because I definitely think To The Moon came from a Humble Bundle. I’m digressing again.

Point is, not To The Moon, but the other bundled game that came WITH To The Moon, was, although beautiful, sucked obviously and immediately in that “oh wow this is what anime fans think storytelling and dialog look like” way that made me not take RPG Maker games seriously back in the day. And because of that “under 15 minutes and I know I’ll never play this game again” effect, I guess I let it poison To The Moon for me as it sat nearby in my Steam library. If THIS THING WHAT IS IT EVEN could be so quickly and predictably disappointing, what is the other pack-in RPG I got going to do any better?

I’ve heard To The Moon referenced again and again on Kotaku as being a game that is not only worth playing, but you know, a game that *matters*. And with every one I feel sillier for having never played it. I’ll have to finally do so. Maybe over my upcoming Christmas break (oh man. Teacher schedule. I could get used to this).