Belgium Mom Wraps Up a Profanity-Laced Call of Duty Session With Some Gunfire

This charming foul-mouthed hardcore gaming mom helps to elucidate some of the problems we all stumble across while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online.

Some weapons, she points out, are a little overpowered. The game allows you to transition to the scope view on a gun a bit too quickly and other players can be a little bothersome at times. Sure, her language is a bit more colorful, a little more salty, but that's what she's getting at. Oh, she also punctuates her tirade with a little bullet-to-ceiling gunfire.

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Are you sure she's german ?

"Das Totschlager"? It's "Der Totschläger" (it would be club in english)

And she has some kind of french accent. Is there another german speaker there that could confirm it?