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Bejeweled is a big, big deal. It's also a big money maker, with casual gamers dropping a mind-blowing $300 million on the game over the course of Bejeweled's eight-year existence across every platform PopCap Games can squeeze the game onto. The publisher is hoping to keep that money train a-rollin', announcing Bejeweled Twist, a new game in the series that, if you can believe it, has been in development for three years. Details are scant, as PopCap is keeping the twist in Bejeweled Twist under wraps. The publisher plans to unveil the game at a gala event at Seattle's Experience Music Project Sci-Fi Museum and Hall of Fame on October 27. No, they're no kidding, not even when they say the gala will be "the most spectacular launch event in casual games history." The most spectacular launch event in casual games history and we have the good fortune to be alive when it happens.


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