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Bejeweled Twist Launches, Revolutionizes Gem Swapping

Illustration for article titled Bejeweled Twist Launches, Revolutionizes Gem Swapping

One of PopCap Games biggest money makers got a sequel in Bejeweled Twist yesterday, with the gem swapping, color matching king of casual games officially launching on PopCap's web site. You may not be excited, but the bean counters at PopCap and millions of cubicle-bound workers looking to shirk for just $19.95 are psyched. The gameplay gimmick that separates Beweled Twist from its Bejeweled precursors? Instead of swapping gems in a 2x1 space, you'll rotate them in a 2x2 square. Can you believe this was accomplished in just three years of development? If sounds like your cup of tea, or the cup of tea of someone you deeply care about, hit up PopCap to download the thing now. Bejeweled Twist [PopCap]


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God, I hate when they add superfluous gameplay mechanics to an otherwise solid game. I miss the old Bejeweled, now I don't even trust Pop Cap to make a decent version of it anymore. I guess we have to rely on 3rd parties like SEGA to give us what we need.