You got to slave away and work to conquer the game industry. It ain't easy!

The Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii were sudden hits. And not just in Japan, but globally. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei Sangyou Shimbun, quality concern and customer service issues for these products weighed down parts of Nintendo's workforce. The paper reports that those working in the Online Division have voiced dissatisfaction, while those in the financial department have been pulling long hours.


Continuing, the paper adds that even those employed in preeminent development positions have been feeling the crunch, spending their time working on sequels to hit titles instead of new games. "We don't even have time to draw up plans for new games," says a staffer.

Nintendo is aware of this and has taken measures such as creating subsidiary company, Sora, which is a first party Nintendo developer headed up by Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai. Nintendo has also outsourced titles like sci-fi game Metroid: Other M to Tokyo-based developer Tecmo.

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