Behold The Zelda-Riffic Joy Of Spiral Knights

Earlier this week I told you about Spiral Knights, the upcoming free-to-play online space dungeon crawler from the creators of Puzzle Pirates. Now watch me play through the game's Training Grounds and, if you're lucky, try it out yourself.


When I posted the news that Spiral Knights was coming out on April 4 courtesy of Sega and developer Three Rings, many of the game's early testers informed me that the game played like a futuristic version of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Turns out they were right.


The gist of the game is you are a Spiral Knight, crash landed on a mysterious clockwork planet, fighting to survive the harsh, alien environment with only a high-tech suit of armor and your sword. And a gun. And whatever else you might pick up along the way. You will trim bushes with your sword, and there might be money there. See? Completely Zelda-riffic.

I played through the Java-based game's Training Grounds on my own, but most missions will see you grouping up with other players, sharing the adventure and the wealth that comes with it. You'll have to kill some ridiculously adorable creatures, but it's them or you.

Want to try Spiral Knights for yourself? I've hidden a link somewhere in this sentence that is good for 500 early access accounts. Just follow the link, register, and you're good to go.

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The Sentient Meat

which way will our intrepid hero go?! forward or *gasp* FORward???