Puzzle Pirates Creators Explore Strange New Worlds With Spiral Knights

From Sega and Puzzle Pirates studio Three Rings comes Spiral Knights, a colorful, candy-coated, free-to-play online multiplayer PC adventure to the center of a strange alien planet.


Puzzle Pirates is a ridiculously addictive, achingly cute massively multiplayer game that drew millions of casual players into the salty waters of online gaming. Now Three Rings seeks to carry that success into the depths of space with Spiral Knights.

The Spiral Knights have crash landed on a strange alien planet, teeming with evil aliens hell-bent on their destruction. With few supplies and no chance of repairing their ship, their only hope is to band together and survive.


Players will band together to combat aliens and explore the strange clockwork caverns underneath the planet's crust. While not fighting for their lives, players are free to wander about the Haven outpost, buying, selling, trading, and crafting better and more powerful gear.

Sega says the game features a deep story with an emphasis on teamwork and creative, and none of the usual MMO grind.

Sounds like a winner to me. We'll find out on April 4, when Spiral Rings goes live.

Coming Soon from SEGA and Three Rings: Spiral Knights [Sega Blog]

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Y'know, I've heard many things/times about developers trying to "avoid the grind", as they say it. And then I've often heard others say that those intentions either do not fully come to bear fruit, or that what they implement to combat the grind becomes the grind instead.

So, what I'm wondering is this: What do you think is the best way to avoid "the grind"? (or, alternatively, say why you think "the grind" is an essential part of the genre)