Behold...The Omegathon!

PAX is largely fantastic, but for us, one event stands out above all others. The Omegathon. It's like that bit in Neverending Story when Atreyu has to run through those statues that shoot laser beams, but instead of jumping through one pair, imagine jumping through six pairs. And they may not all shoot laser beams. Some might shoot ninja stars, or boomerangs encrusted with rusty barbs. And if he makes it to the other side, he gets an all-expenses paid trip to TGS. Yeah, that's exactly what it's like. This years event - which as usual sees combatants facing off across a series of six games/events - will kick off with Peggle, before moving onto Boom Blox, then Pictionary, then Rock Band, then Jenga, then the brutal, unforgiving, final mystery event, which we hope is some kind of old-timey yo-yo contest. Click through for the full details. Schedule: Round 1: Peggle PC Area - Friday, 3:30 PM Round 2: Boom Blox Serpent Theatre - Friday, 8:00 PM Round 3: Pictionary Serpent Theatre - Saturday, 11:30 AM Round 4: Rock Band Main Theatre - Saturday, 8:30 PM Round 5: Jenga Serpent Theatre - Sunday, 1:00 PM Final Round: ??? Main Theatre - 4:30 PM The Omeganauts Kent Byers Noah Callaway Chrissa Casono Thomas Chan Gregory Clarkson Jordan Comar Tim Corver Jennifer Dittrich Andy Drake Steve Edwardo Michael Friedman Benjamin Gray (2007 Runner Up!) Rae Hughes Brian Jo Blaine Kahle Ryan Knight Christopher Trevino Jo Urbansky Erica Waters Jason Young Omegathon! [Penny Arcade]

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