[Image: Icecream 37]

Goodness. Here is a look at the official Catbus for really big kids. You know, grown-ups.

Above, via Twitter user Icecream 37, we get a look at the outside (and inside) of the newly unveiled bus. Previously, Kotaku reported that a Studio Ghibli exhibit was getting a special Catbus for adults.

Until now, only children have been able to crawl around in the museum’s Catbus.

Below, via FashionSnap, is a good shot of this mature Catbus:

[Image: FashionSnap]


A closer shot.

Inside, it’s fluffy as hell.


Look at this!


This particular Catbus is now on display as part of a Ghibli exhibition at Tokyo City View in Roppongi. There will be another one at the upcoming Studio Ghibli Museum exhibit in Mitaka; however, that doesn’t start until July 16.


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