What’s your thoughts on headwear that look like underpants? Because a lady who goes by Korotoro is making each pair, er hat or cap, by hand and selling them for us all to wear. On our heads. In public. Oh boy.

The striped panties certainly seem anime-inspired, but as website IT Media says, these are not panties! They are hats.

[Photos: Dwango | Korotoro]

“Because they’re not panties, they’re not embarrassing,” IT Media explained, before adding, “Nah, these are embarrassing.”

[Photo: Dwango | Korotoro]

These are not sold in stores, but are available on major online sites, such as Dwango’s online store and the Village Vanguard’s net shop. Previously, Korotoro sold the hats at the Niconico Chokaigi, which is kind of like Japan’s answer to PAX.

[Photo: Dwango | Korotoro]

While obviously a gag product, Korotoro painstakingly makes them one by one, embroidering a little logo, too.

[Photo: Dwango | Korotoro]

Each pair of panties hat is priced at around 2,500 yen (US$21). That seems fair, I guess.

[Photos: Village Vanguard | Korotoro]

Though, I’ve never priced caps that look like panties before, so what the hell do I know.

Top photo: Dwango | Korotoro

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