Sometimes people put things on the internet. Glorious things. Sometimes, we get to watch those things, and revel in the sheer depth and breadth of the cool things the world has to offer.

Today is one of those days. Behold, what might be my favorite rendition of the Game of Thrones theme yet—the entire theme brought to ripping, grinding life by eight floppy disk drives.

YouTuber Mr.SolidSnake745 (nice handle there, sir) used MIDI to control eight disk drives, coming up with his own stripped down arrangement of that oh-so-hummable theme song. Best of all, the music plays while a huge LCD with Ned Stark broods onward.

Of course, this video led Chris to remind me of another version, this one with lyrics:

It is definitely going to be very difficult not to start singing that every time I hear the theme song from this point onwards.