Behold The Chipophone, The Amazing Chiptune Organ

When a friend asked Swedish software engineer Linus Åkesson to take an old electric organ off his hands, Linus agreed, as long as he could do anything he wanted to it, and what he did is incredibly impressive.


Linus took that electric organ and reverse-engineered it, transforming it into the Chipophone, the ultimate instrument for a live-action chiptune performance. Just watch Linus performing the theme from 1985's ZX Spectrum game Spellbound.

You can check out Linus' page for a full rundown of what he did to turn a run-down electric organ into the ultimate chiptune performance instrument.

It really is a gorgeous piece of machinery. My only suggestion, borrowed from one of the commenters on Linus' web page? It needs a NES paint job.

Making the Chipophone [Linus Åkesson - Thanks Urgaffel!]



O_o This blew my mind! Amazing! :D