Behold, Gundam Models...In A Bottle

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Photo: Risshii
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You’ve seen a ship in a bottle before, right? Expert model ship makers build ships in glass bottles to show off their serious skills. One Gundam model maker, it seems, is doing something similar.

Twitter user Risshii has been building Gundam models in Jack Daniel’s bottles for the past few years.


The shape of Jack bottles do lend themselves to Gundam models. According to Risshii, he divides up all the parts, paints them, then assembles different sections to make his Gundams-in-a-bottle.


He does affix the models in place with a gel, and the whole process looks rather complex.


One thing I do want to mention: In the top image on the middle left, there is a bottle of Goshun sake. It, along with Akishika sake, is one of the best made-in-Osaka brands of sake. If you ever visit Osaka and want a delicious sake, order a glass of Goshun. 


For more Gundams-in-a-bottle, follow Risshii on Twitter.

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