Behold, A Portal Gun. Signed By Valve.

Illustration for article titled Behold, A emPortal/em Gun. Signed By Valve.

Let's say you're a Valve super-fan. I know I'm reaching somebody out there with that label. And you want to buy yourself something nice. Something Valve-related that nobody else has.


Forget lithographs or coffee mugs. You need to get this. It's a replica Portal Gun signed by the development team. All proceeds go to charity (Child's Play). And at time of posting, it's on eBay for a surprisingly reasonable price of $760.

Considering the worth of something like that to super-fans, and the place your money is ending up, that's a steal.


Portal gun replica, signed by Valve for GAAM & Child's Play Charity [eBay, via Gamefreaks]

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i can't see the item on ebay because of restricions in my country they say...

someone can tell me how much is it now?