Behind the Scenes With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Class-Defining Strike Packages

Earlier this year we learned about Modern Warfare 3's shift from killstreaks to pointstreaks. We also heard a little bit about the game's new Strike Packages. But this is the first chance many of us have had to see them in action.

For the uninitiated (You should go read our full write up.), the Strike Packages are groups of pointstreaks. Players can customize their classes with one of three Strike Packages, adding a new layer of personalization to the game's multiplayer. The three types are Assault, Support and Specialist. Each has its own list of 'streaks. Here they are:


If you like "big body counts, the Assault package is for you. With Assault, you can call in UAVs and care package drops, naturally, but this is also where the big guns live: assault helicopters, AC130, Predator missiles, mortar strikes, Juggernaut suits. Assault brings the pain. Your streak count will reset every time you die, if you go for the Assault Strike Package.

Support is about "helping the team win," not just stacking your body count. Sounds nice, doesn't it? For the less aggressive team player, Support deals in 'streaks that lean more defensive. This includes the option to drop a remote gun turret, call in a hacked airdrop, deploy ballistic vests to your team, drop an EMP or, ultimately, call in an Osprey gunship that also delivers five airdrop packages (one of them hacked). With Support, your streak count will not reset upon death.

Finally, Specialist is all about perks. Become a super soldier with Specialist, which lets players stack on additional perks. You'll get up to six perks-including Sleight of Hand, Hardline, Recon, et al-as the 'streaks pile up. After your eighth kill, however, you get every perk available to you. You become a monster.

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"After your eighth kill, however, you get every perk available to you. You become a monster."

Sort of a stray thought here, not really COD related but just a concept for multiplayer in general.

I've noticed that games tend to roll out perks or bonuses when you do well. It makes sense, you've earned something. But also I've noticed that when you play games, there are those that don't do well (I know, I'm one of them).

So shouldn't there be a bonus for when you do badly? I mean, get killed 10 times in a row without a kill and you spawn in with armor or can deal out double damage for a minute or something?

I'm not saying remove the perks for doing well, but I would say balance them. When you get a kill streak of X number you get some awesome powerful gun, but it makes you move slower. Maybe not exactly that, but that sort of concept. Give something you normally wouldn't have, but make a drawback of some kind. You don't want to remove the benefit of the perk or you will remove the desire to work for it, but if they guy is killing people left and right to be able to earn that perk he really doesn't need any help. His enemies do.

Just looking at what can make games more balanced and interesting.


Throwing in a #speakup tag because I think this is discussion worthy.