Behind the Scenes of the Minecraft Team's Next Game

Now that it's free to use its planned name, Scrolls, the next game from Minecraft developers Mojang, is all systems go. As is this documentary going behind the scenes of the game.


Filmed by 2 Player Productions, the same guys currently working on a big Minecraft documentary, the clip above shows the first of what's planned to be several episodes chatting with the men behind the game.


You won't see much of the game (though you will see some!), but you will see how awesome the wall mural at Mojang's office is. You'll also get some great interviews with the guys about the lawsuit between the studio and Bethesda, which dropped mid-filming.

Part 1 of the Scrolls doc! [2 Player Productions]

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Man, I'd love to work for them. I would even move to Sweden, I mean it seems like a nice country.

It looks like a nice working environment, with good atmosphere, which is essential to efficient working.