This Slick Minecraft Documentary Needs Your Help

2 Player Productions, the world's finest purveyors of video game documentaries, are in a bind. Having filmed a short documentary on Minecraft, they now want to make a much longer one. But they need your help.

Making professional films isn't cheap or easy, and the team need money to get the project off the ground. How much? Well, $150,000 should cover it, so they've launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at helping them get the cash together.


If you'd like to donate to the cause, you can get cool stuff in return, like your name in the credits or, once it's made, a deluxe collector's edition of the disc. You can see some of the work already completed in the video up top, most of it filmed at the developer's studio in Sweden.

For those who have never heard of them, 2 Player Productions are in the business of making slick documentaries based on video games. Some of their previous work includes this behind-the-scenes Uncharted 3 clip and the chiptune film Reformat The Planet.

[Minecraft Doco @ Kickstarter]

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