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Reader Ben was at the Flying Saucer in Raleigh the other day when he noticed something strangely familiar about the pub's "wall of fame".


The Saucer has a wall where anybody that has had at least one each of the pub's 200 beers is immortalised with a commemorative plate. It's not 200 beers in one night, sure, but it still displays a level of dedication and sticktoitiveness the average beer-drinker can't muster.

Take a look at the wall. Who's that in the middle? Yup. Cliffy B. Beers of War. In November 2005, while the original Gears of War was still in development, it appears one Clifford Bleszinski managed the feat, and in doing so gave 100 flash game creators inspiration for the name of their next title.

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Normally it wouldn't take that long except some of the required brew are season and its not always available