Beer Pong For WiiWare Gets Neutered, Complaints

As much as you and I might think that Beer Pong - Frat Party Games is a brilliant idea for a WiiWare title, others disagree. One of those wet blankets is Connecticut's attorney general Richard Blumenthal, who thinks that the Teen rating from the ESRB wasn't the smartest move in the world. I might disagree, as kids should learn early that binge drinking is a fantastic way to kill a Thursday night/millions of brain cells/possibly the passenger's of the vehicle you're driving.


According to the AP, JV Games, the developer of Beer Pong, has renamed the game to Pong Toss and is removing any and all booze references from its presentation. We'd think total removal of the game would seem like the safest and smartest option. The official JV Games site shows the game as having an E rating, with no listing of the title on the ESRB's official site.

Blumenthal Calls For Changes To Video Game Ratings [ - thanks, Patrick!]

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