Beep Beep Whoosh

Gif: Epic / Kotaku

Fortnite’s latest update yesterday finally brought drivable cars to the game. We’re still finding out all the things we can do with them, but some players have found a weird new form of off-roading: trucks can fly.


Players on the Fortnite subreddit, as well as on YouTube, have been posting a glitch that makes trucks fly into the air. I was able to recreate it pretty simply in Creative: Find a semi without a trailer attached, as well as a gas can. Toss the gas can so it rests on the beams behind the cab, then get in the truck and drive it forward and backward. If the glitch works, you’ll float into the air.

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Screenshot: Epic / Kotaku

I couldn’t always get the glitch to work, and when I did I couldn’t travel very far. I could steer a bit clunkily, but mostly I just kept ascending until the game got fed up and respawned me. I couldn’t get down without exiting the truck and falling to my death, so I’m not sure flying trucks have any nefarious gameplay applications unless you could somehow wait out a match in your sky truck, which seems unlikely to me.

Still, I can’t stop laughing at how the truck rises into the air with such purpose, like it’s doing exactly what you want. It’s a spot of brightness in an otherwise dark world.

Doubtless this glitch will be fixed soon, so get in your Jesus take the wheel/are they helium balloons jokes while you still can.