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There is one question that we all have. That question is this: what the hell inspired Muscle March?


For those who aren't familiar with 2009's Muscle March, watch this.


The title is not only one of the more interesting games released on Nintendo's WiiWare, but one of the more interesting games released ever.

Shinya Satake, Muscle March producer, and Keita Takahashi, Katamari Damacy creator, star in this documentary called Electric Dreamers. While Takahashi (who has since left Namco Bandai) talks Katamari, Satake reveals tidbits like how his bosses didn't realize just how amazing a game with half-naked beefy men was.


Satake ends this documentary with a special request: please play my game naked.

Documentary About Muscle March's Creator Explains So Much [Nintendo Life]

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