It's been almost six months since we were fortunate enough to discover Witzbold and appoint him, with your blessing, as the Kotaku's Commenting Czar. In that time Wtizbold has ruled with an iron fist, wielding the ban hammer to dispatch Trolls, Flamers and Asshats in a flurry of bans. But now it's time to let Witz pass the hammer to his successor. No one can be expected to ban, and welcome new commenters for ever, not without shortening their lifespan.

So we're on the prowl for a comments moderator of sorts, a gatekeeper to Kotaku Tower, if you will. Someone who will prowl the posts and comments on a daily basis, weeding out the bad, helping out the conversation, anointing new readers.


We can only pay $200 a month for your help, but you do get to wield the mighty banhammer and will be given the keys to the commenting gates. If you remain interested, hit the jump for how to apply. Yes, there is a contest (of sorts) involved.

This is how it's going to work. On June 30, we're going to beg our tech geniuses to track down the five Kotaku commenters with the most followers. The top five who want to do this will all then have to explain, in comments, why they should be made the commenting czar. We'll use our own good judgment, and a pinch of public sentiment, to elect the new czar who will also rule for a six month stint, unless the trolls get him or her first.


There's really no way to get a follower other than by getting other people decide to follow your comments. They do that by logging in and then clicking on the little plus sign symbol next to your comment in a post. Of course your followers will all have to be commenters, so make sure they sign up on the site.

If we catch you cheating we'll kick you out of the contest. So play nice. Don't even attempt to cheat.

Ps. Yes, that's Witz in the video.

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