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Because You Can Never Have Too Many Top Gun Games

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Did 505 Games just kick off a trailer with the words "Every generation has its heroes"? I'm pretty sure that means we have to take a drink according to the new game reveal drinking game, and since this is Top Gun: Hard Lock title for the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3, we then have to strip down to our shorts and play volleyball.

The movie that made hanging with the boys a perfectly acceptable thing to do stays alive in our hearts and minds and, come spring of next year, our video game consoles. Top Gun: Hard Lock is a reimagining of the classic Tom Cruise vehicle, set in the present day with an entirely new crew of flight school hotshots ready to take down brews, take down MiGs, and take down whatever else they feel like taking down at the moment. I didn't say pants. You did.


It's developed by Headstrong, a division of Kuju, which should mean a lot to you if you're a really big Kuju fan.

Hopefully Top Gun: Hard Lock takes off, so much so that we get to see a porno movie parody of it. You can probably figure out the title I have in mind.