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Beatles Rock Band Bundle Detailed

Illustration for article titled Beatles Rock Band Bundle Detailed

The Fab Four are coming to Rock Band, and they've got a limited edition bundle to prove it.


Dubbed the Limited Edition Premium Bundle, it includes The Beatles: Rock Band game; a Höfner Bass controller, Beatlesque and Ludwig-branded Rock Band drums with classic pearl finish, a metal kick pedal and a vintage replica drumhead <a href=""(two items we expected they might include); plus a microphone with stand and, according to an email from retailer GameStop, "additional special content."

We're hoping that "additional special content" means "mop-top wigs".

The Beatles: Rock Band is available September 9 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii and priced at US$250.



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Sando Calrissian

Cause I have enough room for the old, made-to-be-portable-and-NOT-look-like-real-drums-rock-band-drums.