Zen Studios' KickBeat hit the PlayStation Network for Vita and PS3 this week, giving me a chance to kick Celldweller's ass, at least in spirit.

The core game features more Celldweller, that one POD song that whores itself out to every rhythm game, Marilyn Manson, because it was just sitting there looking lonely, a bit of Pendulum, and that one Papa Roach song. The cutting life into stuff thing. I am really up on my music here.


I love a good rhythm game, and KickBeat is certainly novel. The spinning around in a circle has my eyes all dizzy, but I love the concept, at least on normal difficulty. Switch to hard and those indicators go away and everything goes to hell.

I'm in the process of porting my music library over to my playStation 3's hard drive to see how well the game translates better music into beat-em ups. That's right, all the They Might Be Giants. All of it.

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