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Beat Takeshi Not Impressed With Japanese Prime Minister's Mario Cosplay

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

During the 2016 Rio Olympics’ closing ceremony, Japanese Prime Minister cosplayed as Mario. Well, sorta. You probably thought it was cool. Beat Takeshi did not.

On a recent episode of his current events show Takeshi’s TV Tackle (via Daily), the famed actor, director and comedian said the Prime Minister’s appearance “wasn’t good.”


“Although, Mr. Abe showed up as Super Mario, whichever way you think about it, unless he came out as Ultraman, Pikachu, or Godzilla, it was no good. There really isn’t that much of an impact.”

Mario is neat and all, but Ultraman costumes are fantastic. For example, imagine him in this.


Takeshi isn’t criticizing Mario per se, but rather, the Prime Minister’s showmanship.


Continuing, he explains, “It’s no good wearing a business suit. It’s no good unless you wear an Ultraman costume. You gotta have that connected to wires.” Takeshi added that the politician could then fly in.

Like this, I guess?


Yes, like this.

Ultraman might not have the same international recognition as Mario, and I personally love how the Tokyo Olympics is turning out to be the geekiest yet, but, safety and security concerns aside, he might be right about the wire-flying bit.


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