Be Social During The Free Xbox Live Weekend

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Microsoft is inviting Xbox Live Silver members to try out the newly-launched Facebook, Twitter, and Last.FM for the Xbox 360 during the upcoming Free Xbox Live Weekend.


Between the new social features, the upcoming season of 1 vs 100, and Halo Waypoint, there's a lot happening on Xbox Live that you can't participate in without an Xbox Live Gold membership. Whether you are broke, indifferent, or simply averse to paying $50 a month to play games online, you'll be able to give these new features a spin when Microsoft hosts Free Xbox Live Weekends later this month. Everyone except Europe will have full access to all Gold membership benefits from November 20th to the 23rd.

Europeans have to wait a little longer, but their weekend is longer as well, running from November 25th through the 30th.


Upcoming Free Xbox LIVE Weekends [Major Nelson]

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HA! WRONG MR. FAHEY! As I'm sure I'm not the only one to catch this error, its $50 a year, not a month. Don't discourage those who are on the fence about XBL to see that and become disheartened and ultimately deny the enjoyment they so long for. I expect a fix. It's ok, I'll wait... #freexboxliveweekend