Be Kind To Children and Buy Them the Correct Thor Video Game

There is a Thor movie out. We hear it's okay, at best. Oh, maybe better than okay?


There are also Thor video games out, and, they're from Sega, the people who brought you bad Iron Man games. Have they done it again?


We got the Xbox 360, Wii and DS Thor games, played through the early levels of each and, well, we were surprised. As a result, we have shopping tips for all you well-meaning parents out there. If you can, skip the 360/PS3 versions and get the kids the DS or Wii ones. Consult this video for the reasons why.

For the record, the Thor games were made by different teams. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are from Rise of The Argonauts studio Liquid Entertainment. The Wii is from the Mushroom Men people, Red Fly Studio. The DS game is by WayForward, makers of Contra IV and many other portable side-scrollers..

Bonus tip: Do check the free Thor game, too. That one definitely gets a tip of our feathered helm.

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That was.... a really shoddy video review. Is this our review of all three games?

I'm sorry, but the production values on this were poor. Just because you didn't like the games doesn't mean it's cool to post a substandard video review on the site.

Sorry, I really love you guys, but this was just... below you.