The most recent trailer for PlatinumGames Bayonetta comes and goes in a mere 90-seconds, an attention-stealing high speed montage of gameplay and cut scenes. Hardly enough time to appreciate its subtly and secrets.

That's why Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya spends more than 23 minutes explaining the trailer in nitty-gritty detail. In yet another example of the developer "getting it," Kamiya and company explore the "First Climax" trailer scene by scene by way of director commentary—not something we typically see for a video game promo clip, but something I hope we'll see more of.

In it, Kamiya explains almost everything you'd want to know about the star of Bayonetta, including details on her arsenal of weapons, the two things she'll never strip herself of, and just what role lollipops will play in the game. You'll also be given a dose of the curious reluctance of Japanese developers to reveal the names of almost anyone or anything.

Kamiya obviously expounds on actual gameplay and story details, much of which we haven't been privy to by way of official Sega channels thus far. That includes things like the customization of Bayonetta's weapons load out and the option to switch between two sets of weapon set ups on the fly. Neat!


If you have the time and the Bayonetta enthusiasm, it's highly recommended.

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