New Bayonetta Trailer Is Completely Insane

Bayonetta enjoys a lollipop, fights atop a flying airplane, and shows off her kitty in this "First Climax" trailer for Platinum Games' over the top action game. Oh, and there's a little plot too.

Insane action is nice, but it's always good to have a little plot thrown in to keep it all glued together. Bayonetta has some sort of amnesia, people are trying to manipulate her, and Joe Pesci is on her side. Great! That's all we really need to know. Moving right along, giant phoenix hair transformation! Go, go, Cheetahnetta! I'm pretty sure she totally body slams a dragon at end. This trailer could contain the entire plot in the game, and I'd still be perfectly happy. Thanks, Devil May Cry!

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This is fucking awesome! I mean seriously... Dante was cool, but if I am going to stare at someones backside the whole game leaping around, and being a sexy bad ass.. Well I'd much prefer it to be a hot female.