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Sega has released an update for the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta, addressing one of the complaints we had about the port of Platinum Games action game, frequent and lengthy load times. Those load times are much improved.


The 138 MB download brings Bayonetta for the PS3 to version 1.01, offering an option to install the game to the console's hard disk. That 15-minute-long installation procedure will result in approximately 4.5 GB worth of disk space being absorbed by Bayonetta game data. It's worth the wait and the extra sandwiches made during the download and installation procedure. Promise.

Load times between chapters are noticeably shorter, but it's the load times elsewhere, when Bayonetta picks up items or the player attempts to skip cut scenes, that make the install worthwhile.

Unfortunately, the update to 1.01 doesn't address some of our other concerns with the PlayStation 3 version, like the weaker frame rate and texture quality. But it's an improvement over the launch version, an update owners of the PS3 version will no doubt be thankful for.

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