Bayonetta PS3 Versus Bayonetta 360

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You've heard about the difference between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Bayonetta; now see them for yourself in GameTrailers' side-by-side comparison video.


Now keep in mind that these are both demo versions of a game that won't see release in North America until next year, so this is far from a final representation of what the full versions of each game will look like. Judging solely from the video, the Xbox 360 version looks more vibrant and sharp, while tones on the PS3 side are more muddy and the textures less defined. Perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough, but I didn't see any of the slowdown that plagued the original PS3 demo, so perhaps that's all been ironed out.

While I know the Xbox 360 fans and PlayStation 3 owners will be at each other's throats over this, I want to hear from those that own both consoles. Are the differences enough to make you choose one over the other?


Considering that this is like the 5th game I've seen comparisons like this, with the PS3 versions noticeably muddier and less defined, I'm starting to believe it is more a limitation of the development kit/hardware and less about developers hating on the PS3 by making shitty ports.

Seriously, after so many examples of this, even hardcore PS3 fans have to admit that, regardless of how awesome the hardware is in theory, there must be an actual barrier somewhere that is making it inordinately difficult for developers to get crisp graphics on the PS3.

Yes, you can link PS3's together and get a super computer capable of folding genetic proteins, but obviously its actual graphics power has limitations: if not in the hardware, then in the development API given to developers by Sony.