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Bayonetta Figures Get The Figure Right

Illustration for article titled Bayonetta Figures Get The Figure Right

Play Arts, the action figure branch of Square Enix, are making some Bayonetta figures. A quick comparison between the size of the head and the size of the hips shows they're definitely on the right track.


These were on display at the Tokyo Game Show last week, though both a price and release date are TBA. There were two figures shown; Bayonetta herself, and Jeanne, below.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 - Square Enix Goods [Tokyo Hunter]

Illustration for article titled Bayonetta Figures Get The Figure Right

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Polite Society

Looks like most of the people in the comments are just itching to go create their own Aryan race of perfect people.

Does anyone consider that the proportions and whatnot don't have to conform to your strange idea of perfection? This is a concept of attraction (i'm guessing) of a designer, or small group of designers.

Do you all walk down the street and start going up to people and say stuff like "oh, your hands are too big. are you real?" or "you are alright, but you aren't my idea of attractive."

I know CG characters aren't real people, but regardless it just shows you all up for just how superficial and narrow minded you all are. I see it plenty of times in posts covering real people too.

wtf people?