Bayonetta Box Art Has A Big Full Moon

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Sega has released what looks to be the final box art for PlatinumGames' Bayonetta. Like each of the game's trailers, the Bayonetta box art features prominent mooning, a little yin and yang, and a reminder that Bayonetta outdoes double-wielding.


Too bad the game was recently pushed back in North America, because it was one of the titles I was most looking forward to this fall. If Sega opts to region lock the Japanese release of the game, due October 29th, expect one, possibly two, unhappy Kotaku editors.



why does she look more and more dumb every time i see her design X(

Her features are way weird. Like wayy too many different styles of charicature going on in this box art. It makes me think of a ninja gaiden 2 screen shot but its not nearly as cool as that screen shot

does anybody not like her design?