We obviously prefer our discounts deeper than $5 off, but this preorder deal from Newegg is almost certainly the only prerelease discount your'e getting on Bayonetta 2, and it comes with the first game. [Bayonetta 2]

NES games on your SNES. Repeat. NES games on your SNES.

One of your nominations for Best Gaming Mouse , and the most popular mouse we've ever listed, the Logitech G700s is down to just $64 today. [G700s]

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Not only is the Destiny Limited Edition in stock today, but you'll snag a $5 Amazon Games Credit with your purchase. [Destiny]

Don't care about the Limited Edition? Get the Xbox One standard version with a year of LIVE for $100. [Destiny + LIVE]

NEW. PS4 version down to $50.

Your new iPhone 6 supports a faster charging standard than the plug it ships with can deliver. Here are our best picks for faster charging.

With several great deals available, it's an excellent day to stock up on or upgrade to USB3 flash storage.

The Bose Quiet Comfort 15s were a previous Wirecutter pick for best noise-canceling headphones, and Best Buy has them today for an all-time low price. [Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, $250]

Personally, I'd invest in a good pack of Eneloop rechargeables, but if you just want a lot of single-use batteries, there's no doubt this is a great price. [Dynex Assorted Batteries with Storage Box, 42Pack, $12]

If you like to cook, but don't own a kitchen scale, you're really missing out . Measuring ingredients by volume is inherently imprecise and inconsistent, but weighing them ensures that your meals come out perfect every time. Luckily, you don't have to spend a lot to enjoy the benefits yourself.

This 4.4 star-rated Smart Weigh scale is only $13 right now, which is a no-brainer price if you still don't own one. I picked up a similar scale a few months ago, and I've particularly loved how it cuts down on the amount of dirty dishes I accumulate while cooking. As always, we don't know how long this price will last, so don't waste any time securing yours. [Amazon]

Here's some earthporn to grace your HDTV. The DVD is only $10, but pony up the extra $2 to get this excellent miniseries on Blu-ray. [ BBC Life, $12]

Last week we stood in front of the bathroom mirror with you and asked for your picks for best electric toothbrush. Now we're back with your most-nominated mouth cleaning tools, and we're ready to narrow down a winner .




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