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Battlezone Coming to the iPhone

When he's not busy maintaining an amazing personal arcade in his home, Luca City Arcade's Peter Hirschberg is apparently spends his time developing retro games for the iPhone.

Vector Tanks, soon to hit the App Store, will bring a reworked and amped up version of Battlezone to the Apple portable, reports Touch Arcade.


Hirschberg, who also created Adventure for the iPhone, says that gamers will use their fingers on the left and right of the sceenn to push up and down on virtual sticks, recreating the arcade method of Battlezone control.

The game, which should be hitting the store in the next week or so, will include:

* Land mines
* Helicopters
* Jeeps
* More powerups
* Multiple tank models with the graphics based on real-life tanks
* Different enemy capabilities and behaviors per tank model
* High score table
* Obstacles that you can interact with to your advantage or disadvantage (like stacked blocks that can topple on you)


The best part is the price, with the title ringing in at $1 to $2.

Retro 3D ‘Vector Tanks’: Battlezone for the iPhone?

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never been a fan of the iphone. to me its pretty much a gimmick I laughed like crazy when steve jobs said its a gaming device