Battlegrounds Players Are Making Action Movies With The New Replay Feature

Source:  JHawley.
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is fun to play, but it might be even more fun to watch. The game’s new replay feature, which lets you set up camera angles and move between perspectives, has elevated ridiculous PUBG deaths to an art form.


The replay feature got added to PUBG’s PC test server a few days ago. It allows people to capture everything occurring around them in a game within a 1 km radius. They can then go into a fully 3D replay and re-position the camera, observe from other people’s perspectives, and add slow-mo. People have already assembled some impressive bits of bite-sized cinema with it.

To begin, here’s my personal favorite: an almost artsy (but mostly just funny) short film about PUBG’s explosive red zones by PashiaMusic.

Bern bart’s mini-movie “The Spider” is about a moment every PUBG player has experienced: waltzing into the web of a camper lying in wait, praying you’ll take the bait.

This clip from iR0cket is actually worthy of gratuitous slow-mo. Also, oh noooooooo.

The jungle didn’t just welcome JHawley; it rolled out the red (zone) carpet.

Is putting “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys over clips of car chases and shootouts overdone? Probably. But it’s also timeless, as this clip by Sal asserts.

And finally, this clip by a person named TlDDlES (yep) perfectly encapsulates why adding replay to PUBG was a very, very good idea.


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Ugh, More red zone propaganda. It can’t hurt you, it’s just an illusion. A lie spread by the house hiding media. Just run out there and see for yourself, there’s nothing to fear.